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Sampson Creek Pool

Pool Rules

  • Sampson Creek Amenity Center PoolAll guests must be accompanied by a Sampson Creek resident.  You may have up to 4 guests at one time.
  • Residents must present their access cards upon entering the Swimming pool area.
  • Use of the swimming pool, at any time, is at the Swimmer’s Own Risk.
  • You may have up to 4 guests per family at one time at the swimming pool.
  • Children under 13 yrs must be accompanied at all times by an adult or supervisor/babysitter at least 18 yrs of age for usage of the pool facility.
  • Use of the swimming pool before dawn and after dusk is prohibited. Any person swimming when the facility is closed may be suspended from using the facility.
  • Children less than 40 inches tall are not permitted to ride the slide, except with a responsible adult.
  • Tandem Slide: Only 1 person may ride the slide at a time, unless the child is under 40 inches tall.
  • No food is allowed on the lower deck area of the pool.
  • Alcohol is only permitted within the meeting room and veranda during a rental. You must rent the areas to have alcohol.

  • No smoking anywhere on Sampson Creek grounds.

  • Loud, profane or abusive language is not allowed.