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Tom Hudson Chairman of Sampson Creek CDDTo all Residents of St Johns Golf and Country Club
(Sampson Creek Community Development District aka SCCDD)

I would like to take the opportunity to give you a brief overview of the upcoming
road resurfacing project (the “Project”) that will commence soon and will take
several months to complete. It is estimated by the contractor for the Project,
Duval Asphalt, that the entire Project will be ongoing for approximately 90 days
from start to finish.

The following steps have been completed:
➢ The decision to repave the roads and do all the roads at one time.
➢ The decision as to how to finance the project has been completed.
Specifically, on February 21, 2020, the SCCDD issued $2,520,000 in bonds
at an average rate of 2.56%.
➢ A contract has been awarded to Duval Asphalt to complete the Project.
➢ An arborist has been consulted regarding the Project and there are only
eight trees that need to be removed and replaced. Notification to the
individual property owners will be made on or about March 1, 2020

It is anticipated that there will be excess funds from the issuance of the bonds
which can be used to improve other aspects of our community at a later date.
The Board of Supervisors has committed that the Project will be fully funded
before any other funds are designated.

Future Steps:
➢ Create a drop-down box on the to host all information
regarding this project including timelines and notices
➢ Post a living map of the roads as they are scheduled to be resurfaced
➢ Publish a map and schedule of curbing that needs to be replaced.
➢ As commencement date approaches “blast” to residents will be made as
reminders. This blast will include reminders of “do’s and don’ts” that
should be conformed to.

It the desire of both the Board, Staff and contractor to make this Project as
painless as possible. Please continue to look for upcoming and ongoing

Tom Hudson
Chair Sampson Creek Community Development District

Update # 5                              

May 20, 2020

We wanted to update you all with the process and progress of the ongoing roadway project.

As I am sure you have all noticed, the curb removal and replacement has commenced within the development starting at the main entrance on St. Johns Golf Drive. The areas of curb removal are being identified where impacts from tree growth or settlement have affected the storm water drainage causing areas to hold water, which affects the roadway base and leads to additional failures. Please understand removal/replacement of curb within 2 fixed edges is not a perfect science. Part of the road will be cut and part of the sod will be pushed back to allow the placement of form boards to mold/pour the concrete for the new curb. The areas of roadway will be temporarily repaired with a cold mix asphalt until they come through with the full mil and repave. The gaps that are left from the sod to back of curb will get filled in with sand/dirt, which will allow the sod to grow back over top. Please also note, not all tasks will happen the same day as a different subcontractor may be required. 

Please be patient and look forward to the finished product. 


Alex Acree, District Engineer

Update # 4                              

April 8, 2020

The Road Resurfacing Project is going to become more visible to the community shortly. To date, 7 trees have been removed and the ground has been leveled in the respective areas. Sod will be replaced toward the end of the project. Several small sections of sidewalk have been removed and should be replaced within the next 14 days

The next step will be the marking of sections of curb that will be replaced. The need to replace sections of curb is to allow water to move toward the storm drain system which will prevent ponding. Starting next Friday, April 17 +/- a day or two you will see orange paint on the curb that needs to be replaced. It is estimated that 10,000 +/- linear feet will be replaced. To give a perspective of the size of the curbing project, there is approximately 35,000 linear feet of curbing in the neighborhood. The curbing portion of the project will take approximately 2 months and will begin Monday, April 20th. Presently the plan is to start on St. John’s Golf Drive and move about the neighborhood. A limited number of driveways will be affected. This will require a “non-use of the driveway for two days”. This will necessitate parking on the street for some of our residents if the individual resident’s driveway is involved. The estimated time to complete the “curbing” portion of the project will be 2 months. 

The paving portion of the project will start sometime before the curbing is complete. Updates will continue to be posted to as new information becomes available. Please remember that as we move forward we all need to exercise caution by everyone; not just our residents but for the safety of the workers as well.

Tom Hudson
Chairman Sampson Creek CDD

Update #3 – March 24, 2020

There is not a lot to report at this time. The tree removal project has taken longer than anticipated and should be wrapped up soon. The trees that have been removed will be replaced after the entire project is completed if feasible, as part of the road resurfacing project cost.


The next phase is to mark curbs for replacement. The entire project is dependent on good weather as well as abiding by all governmental mandates associated with Covid 19. In addition, we all are responsible for using good old common sense.


As I receive information from the contractor, (Duval Asphalt) I will continue with further updates.
Thank you for your continued patience and please be safe in the work zones as you approach them.
Tom Hudson
Chairman: Sampson Creek CDD (SJGCC)

Update #2

Beginning any project regardless of size always creates new and ongoing challenges

  • The Pipe repair on Red Hawk has been completed
  • The Pipe repair at 261 St. Johns will require more work than originally anticipated and is on standby until a charge order is approved. Once the work is started at 261 it is anticipated that it will take 2 weeks +/- vs the original 3 days as announced in Update #1.
  • Tree removal will take place on March 18 (weather permitting) for the 7 previously mentioned trees. Preparations for removal has already begun.
  • Beginning the week of March 23rdcurbing that needs to be replaced or repaired will be marked. Once the areas that need to be replaced / repaired are marked a timeline of when and where this portion of the project will be posted on this site.   Preliminary planning indicates that the curb repairs will begin the first or second week of April. Presently it is estimated that 10,000 linear feet of curbing in the neighborhood will be repaired.


Thanks again in advance to all residents and guests that are affected by this project for your patience and understanding. I remind everyone to be aware of the construction areas and be safe when traveling through these zones of work.


To all residents of St. Johns Golf and Country Club / Sampson Creek CDD

Well we cannot get to the finish line unless the Starter’s Pistol is fired, so here we go.
  • First project in the Road Resurface Project is to repair the street drain on Red Hawk. Weather permitting this will be a one-day job and is scheduled for Monday March 9.
  • On March 10, again weather permitting, the street drain at 261 St. Johns Golf Drive will be repaired. It is estimated that this will take three days to complete.
  • On Monday March 17, Shaw’s Tree Service will remove 7 trees that have been marked with orange tape. Each resident that is affected has been notified. Total removal will take 3 to 4 days. Repairs, after tree and stump removal if necessary, will take place. Once the entire project is completed the 7 trees will be replaced.
Please be mindful of these activities and be careful as you travel through the areas.
Tom Hudson
Chairman Sampson Creek CDD